Este es un blog sobre temas diversos: política local e internacional, religión-espiritualidad, ciencia, arte y experiencias personales. ¿Por qué el nombre Maryam1Hispanic? Maryam porque es el nombre que se le da en el idioma Árabe a una mujer quien tuvo el valor de aceptar la voluntad de la divinidad muy a pesar de ir en contra de las normas sociales de su sociedad de acuerdo a la tradición cristiana e islámica. 1 porque nací el primer día del mes de Septiembre. Hispanic, porque en Español significa hispano, lo cual es orgullosamente mi origen.

This is a blog about different topics including national and international politics, religion-spirituality, art, science, and thoughts. Why Maryam1Hispanic? Maryam, because this the name in arabic of a woman who had the strength to accept the Divinity´s will eventhough that meant to go against the social norms of her society according to the christian and islamic tradition. 1, because I was born on the  first day of September. Hispanic, because it´s my origin.


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  1. Maryam,
    How are you? I got my 2012 report and your name came up as my blog’s most frequent commenter! Thanks for reading and reaching out and I look forward to communicating more in the future.

    Que la paz sea con usted…

    • Yes, indeed we have a “small debate” about the veil. I don´t know if you remember and since I don´t give up easily in debates that is why I might have been the most frequent commentator in your blog. Fortunately or unfortunately I abandoned islamic debates with muslims since it just proved me to be a waist of time (no ofence, please) since most muslims are completely brainswashed and there is no room for logical reason. When everything is black and white, there is no room for any other color.

      Qué la paz esté contigo también y un afectuoso saludo.

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